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We are a DTC digital advertising agency known for raising established e-commerce businesses over $50,000, $100,000, or $1M+ per month without sacrificing profit. In the end, it all comes down to building a strategy around your current PPC strategy, creating new strategies based on custom strategies, and getting the most out of the machine.

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If you’re like most of our e-commerce customers, we don’t need to emphasize the importance of having a consistent income stream. You have probably spent valuable advertising money on Facebook ads or Tik Tok or many other social media platforms with little success. In fact, you may feel like you’re chasing product after product without creating a lasting e-commerce brand. To combat this, you may have already invested in another company or freelancer only to find out that they require a lot of micro-management and cannot do what you expect:


We are a full service Google advertising agency
You think
We are Google’s #1 advertising agency on most search platforms because we live and breathe PPC.
Stop trying to figure out how to use one of the most complex and effective social media platforms and let’s do the heavy lifting. Digital marketing is winning
Read over 750 star reviews and over 300 articles. You won’t find a more complete Google user that gives you a solid marketing strategy. Online Advertising Geniuses
With our current account management certification, get data from 250 clients with winning data from Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) to help you.

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Your digital marketing results will be achieved faster if you let us combine data and creativity to manage your online advertising. Get solid Google Ads tips
more than any other company
Get objective data advice from our 250+ active clients
which you can take advantage of to grow quickly.

Your e-commerce brand isn’t growing as fast as you want
Your sales go up and down as you run
Your benefits are more flexible than you would like
You just don’t want to take the time to learn how to Google Adsense affiliate marketing while you’re growing the brand in other ways.

Your business is worth more than a basic PPC strategy and a once-a-week promotion session. For your e-commerce brand to reach the next level of ranking, it needs the right kind of focus and strategy. It requires Google Ads marketers who can not only plan a strategy but repeat it over and over again until it breaks the profit charts.

Yoru Marketing, Google’s best e-commerce advertising agency, is changing the PPC game and is here to support you on the edge to smash those financial goals and help you create a global brand. Why e-commerce e-commerce companies are committed to working with us
eCommerce PPC Company
an experienced person
All PPC campaigns are directly monitored by a real person trained by Shri Kanase. In most cases, Shri will personally create the ad copy and do both the buying and searching campaigns. We ensure that all features included in your ad account comply with Google’s policies to prevent Google store or ad account suspension. As a digital advertising company for Google Ads for e-commerce, our goal is to ensure that all customer stores follow the policies. Google Ads
Full understanding
You see exactly what is happening in your social media account with full access. The weekly and monthly reports we send out not only contain all the relevant metrics and data, but also show how we get those numbers. Our team is trained to customize Google Ads columns based on the type of feature used (last click, linear, data-driven, etc.). Unlike other Shopify eCommerce companies, we build you a solid foundation before you spend a single penny on advertising. E-commerce advertising
Performance-based contracts
No long-term contracts; continue to work with us on a monthly basis. However, for best results when it comes to Google Ads, three months is ideal. Most customers start seeing results within the first month of operation, but Google Ads is a search-based platform; it takes time to start producing full strength results. Our FAQ section continues in this area. Increase media coverage
Stories from A to Z
All reports will have numbers accurate down to the penny, no matter what industry you’re in. Yoru’s marketing team sends weekly and monthly reports that contain all the important aspects of your business. From every penny spent on advertising to exact CPC, CPA, or ROAS, the report covers it all. Even better, our custom reporting metrics give you a personalized view of performance. Check out our weekly preview report here.

display ads in your store
Good Plan
Forget that someone who hasn’t given an ad is working in your store. The strategies we use come from our own eCom stores and other service companies with over $1 million in advertising using just testing.

No more random steps in your ad account and ruining overall optimization. All of our advertising strategies are proven, regardless of industry or niche; we just need to choose the most suitable one for your eCom brand or service based business.

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