Hiring The Right Google Ads Specialist 2022 2023

Google Ads Tutorials

Consultations cost $325 for one hour.

Events are recorded and made available the same day. Chris uses your own Google Ads during training.

A limited number of reservations are available each week. Stop wasting money on Google Ads
Hire an experienced, certified Google Ads freelancer and save thousands of dollars in management fees.

Market value

Better search traffic

Reduction in bounce rate

Best Quality Score

Complete monthly reporting

The click-through rate is high

Better customer loyalty

I don’t give away my work and encourage my clients to contribute as we work together to make their Google Ads accounts more profitable. Google Ads
maintenance work

There is no agreement. Cancel anytime. You keep your account safe.

Management includes monthly PDF reports. Control is never exported.

Includes search, display, video and marketing campaign optimization. Google Ads Training Team

Get live video tutorials taught by Chris

Learn how to create, optimize and manage your PPC campaigns.

Practical solutions from an 18-year Google advertising expert and consultant. New videos are added every week,A good freelancer will be able to answer these questions well without getting angry without needing to prepare in advance. I gave a few sample answers that might make sense, but it’s less that they match my answer and more that their answer sounds wise and clever. These are basic Adwords 101 questions – if someone can’t answer them, they shouldn’t be taking your money.

Q: What is your style of play? A: Change broad games with low input to expand our reach, the right games with high support to target searches we know will make a difference. If a question fits into a modified broad game and turns well, create appropriate keywords to justify the question. Q: If I want to increase my click-through rate, what should I do?

A: Add negative keywords for queries with low CTR, change match type from broad to specific, change ad text, increase price to get higher ranking, add sitelinks and other social media. Q: If I want to get more clicks without increasing my monthly budget, what should I do?

A: Improve ad text to improve click-through rate (which increases ranking, which lowers cost per click.) Add new keywords, less competition. Q: How do I know if Adwords is right for me?

Value. Earnings from Adwords sales will exceed advertising costs + Adwords management costs + cost of sales/services provided. Conversion rate will allow us to estimate the revenue generated by AdWords. Results

Even the best freelancer cannot guarantee you results because there are many things beyond their control (competition, quality of your website, etc.)

However, a good freelancer should be able to define success for you and show you whether you are doing well or not.

And success is always in profit. Most traffic fails because clicks that don’t convert are just wasted money. Therefore, a good freelancer should work with you to determine the value of conversions, track the conversions you get from Adwords, and show you exactly how much money you are making (or losing) with Adwords. For example, let’s say a new customer earns you $100 (after fees). A good freelancer should show you “Hey, for every $50 we spend on Adwords (including my fees), we attract a customer, so Adwords is profitable” or “Hey, this month , each new customer costs us $ 150. to get, so we need to change our Adwords strategy.” Information about traffic, click-through rates, etc. Interesting, but the only thing that ultimately matters is whether Adwords is right for you. Conclusion

Hope this can help! If you have any questions or want to call me in person, please do not hesitate to contact me. Good luck with your research and finding the right AdWords freelancer for you!

AdWords plans and services
let’s get started

I have spent over ten years helping clients succeed with Google Ads. I would love to help you. I offer three Adwords management packages – Basic, Pro and Premiere. They vary depending on the number of keywords entered and the size of the budget you want to spend. Please note that if you are a mental health professional, I offer a version of these packages designed for therapists, which you can read about here.

I also offer three services a la carte – initial consultations, SEO consultation and custom work. Once you find an option you like, or want to ask a question, I leave an email!

AdWords packages
All packages include:

Keywords are very important
A well-organized media group
2 ads per ad group, set to compete and choose a winner
Custom ad text and manually selected URLs
Customize campaign settings and ad extensions
Main $2250

Suitable for: Customers with a small budget or a small niche


Ads with ad extensions and geo-storage
Introduction of up to 100 key words
Two weeks of management and reporting
30 minute email support
Professional $2750

Suitable for: Most customers


1-2 ads, with additional ads and geo-saving
Introduction of up to 200 key words
Help in setting up conversions
A month of management and reporting
45 minute email support
First $3250

Best for: Clients with large budgets, multiple lines of business, or complex account needs


Ads 2-5 with additional ads and geo-storage
Initialization reaches the top four words
Help in setting up conversions
Tips for creating an effective landing page
Six weeks of management and reporting
One hour of email support
Other services
Initial consultation $400

Do you have an Adwords account and want to know how to update it? Or are you new to AdWords? I will review your current AdWords account and tell you areas for growth and opportunities for improvement. Or, if you don’t have an AdWords account, I’ll plan your performance and give some tips to get you started. If you choose this option, you will receive a $100 credit on one of my Adwords packages.


Summary of current account performance (existing account.)
Recommended actions to upgrade your account (existing account.)
Recommended Tips for Starting Your Account (New to AdWords)
Cost and Traffic Analysis of Account Creation (New to AdWords)
Monthly Account Upgrades Contact for plans

To get the best performance, you need someone to manage your account on an ongoing basis. With monthly account upgrades, I will set aside time each month to improve the performance of your account. I will also send you an email informing you about the operation of your account. You can pay as you go or save by paying three months in advance.

Because optimization services increase with the size or complexity of accounts, I offer individual pricing for optimization, based on your unique account. Please contact me for comments.


marketing management
Adding negative words
Word pauses don’t work well
Email account performance
Conversion of Google to Bing/Yahoo $200

Bing and Yahoo offer easy ways to expand your ad reach. Although Bing and Yahoo only have about half the traffic of Google, the cost per click on their networks is relatively cheap. For $150, I will take your existing AdWords account and convert it to a Bing/Yahoo account. This allows you to get more clicks without paying more per click.

Contact Ecommerce Exchange Promotion for an estimate

I have helped many clients improve conversion rates on their e-commerce sites. If you’re attracting good traffic but struggling to convert it, let me help you.

Contact SEO Consulting for a quote

Although I work in Adwords, I also have great skills in SEO. If you want to take your SEO efforts to the next level, I’d love to help.

Contact Custom Services for a quote

Need my help with something not listed above? I’m up for a challenge – write me to chat!

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