How To Find and Use Negative keywords for Google Ads and Shopping Ads

How to find negative keywords
Nathan explains how to find negative keywords in his article on How to Find and Choose Negative Keywords. As always, being aggressive is just the beginning. As you collect data, looking at your search term reports is the best way to ensure the health and value of your marketing campaigns. Let me walk you through how to use your account data to find negative keywords for your marketing campaigns. Search term reports
There are other ways to use negative keywords to get your marketing campaigns moving and turning. The best place to start is with your search term report. It is located under the Keywords tab in the ad or ad level in your account, under the description menu – see the picture below.

Using stock filters
Using product filters can help you sort products within their system. In addition to having better control over how your marketing campaign spends its money, it will help you to decide exactly which keywords you want to use for each ad or campaign. Another advantage of this strategy is to allow broad terms to be included in their own ad group or campaign with low input.
Use negative matching words
Using negative keywords in your marketing campaign allows you to eliminate some broad search terms without removing the long tail ones. Back to those fun cashmere scarves. We have an ad that wants cashmere scarves, but the scarf issue is eating up their budget. We don’t want to use scarf as a bad keyword or match, as this will take away all the search traffic from our ad group. Instead, we’ll add [scarves] as a negative keyword match, which will make the top search term ineffective. Hold broad search traffic
In cases where we don’t want to completely eliminate a broad search term, using [scarves] as a negative keyword in the ad rank will do the trick. Once done, create a clone of the same ad and delete the auction. It’s a simple move to allow your most valuable advertising team to focus on search terms with high purchase intent while spending less on broad search terms with low purchase intent.
Continue the work
The above steps are not to be set and forgotten. Analyzing your search terms should be an important part of your marketing campaign strategy. I often find that once you remove a pesky search term, another one quickly replaces it. If you have medium ads, checking once a week should be enough to keep your ads healthy. In addition, since you have a large low-cost search engine, you can be sure that the words will be placed in a place that will not break your budget. Conclusion
Long story short, the bad word plan is strong in Go

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