Istanbul Weather

“request”: {
“type”: “City”,
“query”: “New York, United States of America”,
“language”: “en”,
“unit”: “m”
“location”: {
“name”: “New York”,
“country”: “United States of America”,
“region”: “New York”,
“lat”: “40.714”,
“lon”: “-74.006”,
“timezone_id”: “America/New_York”,
“localtime”: “2019-09-07 08:14”,
“localtime_epoch”: 1567844040,
“utc_offset”: “-4.0”
“current”: {
“observation_time”: “12:14 PM”,
“temperature”: 13,
“weather_code”: 113,
“weather_icons”: [
“weather_descriptions”: [
“wind_speed”: 0,
“wind_degree”: 349,
“wind_dir”: “N”,
“pressure”: 1010,
“precip”: 0,
“humidity”: 90,
“cloudcover”: 0,
“feelslike”: 13,
“uv_index”: 4,
“visibility”: 16
? access_key = 202979df9480397d435640df7c5b91d9
& query = New York

{“request”:{“type”:”City”,”query”:”New York, United States of America”,”language”:”en”,”unit”:”m”},”location”:{“name”:”New York”,”country”:”United States of America”,”region”:”New York”,”lat”:”40.714″,”lon”:”-74.006″,”timezone_id”:”America\/New_York”,”localtime”:”2022-08-15 20:35″,”localtime_epoch”:1660595700,”utc_offset”:”-4.0″},”current”:{“observation_time”:”12:35 AM”,”temperature”:24,”weather_code”:116,”weather_icons”:[“https:\/\/\/images\/wsymbols01_png_64\/wsymbol_0004_black_low_cloud.png”],”weather_descriptions”:[“Partly cloudy”],”wind_speed”:17,”wind_degree”:190,”wind_dir”:”S”,”pressure”:1015,”precip”:0,”humidity”:47,”cloudcover”:25,”feelslike”:25,”uv_index”:7,”visibility”:16,”is_day”:”no”}}

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