Skillshop offers various courses and learning paths

Skillshop, formerly known as Google Ads Academy and Google Partners, is an online learning platform provided by Google that offers courses and certifications related to Google’s advertising products and platforms. It provides a comprehensive and structured learning experience for individuals who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in areas like Google Ads, Google Analytics, YouTube advertising, and more.

Skillshop offers various courses and learning paths, including:

  1. Google Ads Certification: This certification covers the fundamentals of Google Ads, including campaign creation, optimization, and measurement.
  2. Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ): This certification focuses on understanding and using Google Analytics to analyze website traffic and user behavior.
  3. YouTube Content Ownership Certification: This certification is for individuals who want to understand copyright and ownership policies on YouTube.
  4. Google Marketing Platform Certifications: These certifications cover advanced topics related to Google Marketing Platform, including Display & Video 360, Campaign Manager, and Search Ads 360.

To access Skillshop and its courses, you can visit the website at You will need to sign in with your Google account to access the training materials and certifications.

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